Guitar Music for Groups, Including Sheet Music & Backing Tracks

Do you have large numbers of students who learn to play guitar but are not part of a performance group? Are you looking for a guitar solo with a backing track, or are you looking for contemporary, appealing guitar ensemble music that has musical notation plus tab?

There is no better and more natural way to master guitar scales, riffs, chords and techniques than in a real, live performance situation. Fat Dog Music guitar ensemble scores were written specifically to help you with your educational, performance and concert requirements.


  • Is written for 3 (maybe 4) acoustic guitars + drums and bass
  • Is written in both notation and TAB (for bass too) with guitar chord charts
  • Is thoughtfully and expertly designed so that the parts are tiered in terms of difficulty: Generally;
    • Acoustic Guitar 1 (Lead Guitar); Medium/Advanced
    • Acoustic Guitar 2; Medium
    • Acoustic Guitar 3; Medium/Easy
    • Bass/Drums; Medium/Easy

This means you can involve all of your guitarists as soon as they can play bar chords, strum and perform basic fingerstyle patterns

  • Sounds great with one player per part or as a guitar orchestra
  • Has been carefully created to be READILY PLAYABLE but SOUND PROFESSIONAL
  • Comes with a studio quality recording that features:
    • A full mix
    • Each part dominant to assist the learning process
    • A track minus the lead guitar for solo performance or assessment purposes

Take a look through our ensemble selection, and you can preview an audio sample of each as well as a PDF sample of the score. You may also download the free full audio track of each piece from the product page.


Murray Mason

Multi-instrumentalist Murray Mason has had a passionate, enthusiastic and action-packed career in music education that spans 40 years as a Classroom Teacher, Head of Department Music, Itinerant Guitar and Bass Teacher, and as a performer. In addition Murray has been Musical Director of a vast number of successful and award-winning youth-based and adult musical groups including Big Bands, Jazz Combos, Rock Groups, Percussion Ensembles, Saxophone Ensembles, Guitar Ensembles, Barbershop Choruses, Orchestras and Musical Theatre productions.

Big Bands under his direction have won the National Youth Band title a total of 6 times at the New Zealand National Youth Jazz Band Competitions. Jazz Combos trained by Murray have won the National Title seven times in the last 13 years.

Murray is Performance Music Teacher at Tauranga Girls' College, teaches singing and jazz combo at Tauranga Boys' College and he operates his own recording studio, FAT DOG STUDIO, from his home in Welcome Bay, Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. For a number of years he has been Musical Director for Tauranga Big Band.

His present dog (Holly), unlike her much-loved predecessor (Sophie), is healthy, fit and not particularly fat, but by constantly and conscientiously supplementing her diet with stolen avocados, walnuts and macadamia nuts, she has the potential to become a four-legged blimp.